Why Summary Painting Is not Music

abstract paintingThe fundamental premise of abstraction – incidentally, a key challenge of aesthetics – is that the formal qualities of a painting (or sculpture) are just as necessary (if not more so) than its representational qualities. Famous abstract painters related to Minimalism include Ad Reinhardt (1913-sixty seven), Frank Stella (b.1936), whose giant scale paintings involve interlocking clusters of form and colors; Sean Scully (b.1945) the Irish-American painter whose rectangular shapes of color appear to mimic the monumental types of prehistoric structures; as well as Jo Baer (b.1929), Ellsworth Kelly (b.1923), Robert Mangold (b.1937), Brice Marden (b.1938), Agnes Martin (1912-2004), and Robert Ryman (b.1930).

Well, it appears you’ve limited the parameters of who painted the first abstract portray” to western european artists of the nineteenth,20th century. There isn’t a need to face in front of an abstract work for hours to actually understand it. Look at it for so long as you need, and for as long as it pulls you in.

In distinction, abstract artists are obliged to depend on synthetic, non-pure varieties. Be certain that every layer is dry before portray on prime or else it is going to create muddy colors. Once more, there are not any rules for abstract artwork saying you could have a textured background.

Quote by Willem de Kooning 1951, in his speech ‘What Abstract Art means to me’ on the symposium ‘What is Summary Art’, on the Museum of Trendy Artwork, New York, 5 February, 1951, n.p. Do not go back to improve or contact it up. Summary artists do not take into consideration the result; they simply cease when they feel prepared.