The use of iPhone recovery mode and Restore iPhone

With recovery mode, you can use that mode to restore your iPhone. Recovery Mode is indicated by displaying the iTunes logo and Lightning cable. It should still be if the iOS machine is still normal, you will be able to go into recovery mode even though iPhone error and iPhone totally dead. In the meantime, you can also check out the iphone battery repair if it’s actually a problem with its battery.

How to use recovery mode? Easy really. Press the Sleep / Wake button and Home button simultaneously. Hold on and do not let go even though the Apple logo has appeared. However, when the iTunes logo and lightning cable appear, remove it immediately.

Restore iPhone

After entering recovery mode, you can restore iOS. How, in the recovery mode, connect iPhone to Mac or iTunesnya existing computer. Wait until iTunes detects the iPhone and displays the dialog box as below.

If it already displays an iTunes dialog box like that then you just select Restore or Restore to restore and reinstall iOS from scratch.