Small but fatal mistakes in using condoms

Between 2.1 and 25.3 percent of individuals reported they opened the entire condom roll before beginning to wear it. Looks trivial, but opening the whole roll of condoms before you put them on the penis can actually make the process of wearing much more difficult and putting you at risk of tearing or damaged when it’s being pulled. Therefore you will always need to buy condoms with high-quality if you wish to prevent such a scenario.

The correct way to use condoms is to wear stockings – collect wrinkles of material at the head of the penis and gently roll up from the bottom of the wrinkle collection gently while ensuring the position of the condom is unchanged and drawn to the base – not like wearing a sock, which your regular direct pull from above. The point is to create an easy entry point for your penis, so you can put it in a condom without having to tear it.

Not leaving room at the end

Failure to leave little space at the tip of the penis head for semen was reportedly performed by 24.3-45-45.7 percent of study respondents.

Generally, it is advisable to leave a blank space at the tip of the condom about 1.5 cm to allow condoms to cover ejaculatory fluid. Condoms may move during sex – are attracted to stretch ‘strangle’ the head of the penis or loosen. Pass it to pinch the tip of the condom as you set it up, so there will be little room for your ejaculation – otherwise, the chance of semen will leak.