Provide plenty of clean and fresh water

The golden labrador dog will become very thirsty after exercising and must relieve thirst. The dog will drink more water according to how active its activity is and how hot it is outside temperature. Do not limit the amount of water the dog consumes. In contrast to food, dogs can regulate their own water intake. Dehydration can cause death. So, do not try to reduce the water intake for dogs. Labrador dogs need lots of exercises to stay healthy. So, take him for three trips a day if you can. Bring the animal for a few kilometers or more. If you have a backyard, make sure the size is large enough for dogs to run around. Small pages are not suitable for big dogs like Labrador retrievers.

Good if the dog lives outside or inside the house, make sure he has his own private space. Includes a large and durable dog bed. Labrador will keep scratching his bed until he feels comfortable. The cheap beds will tear easily and get very messy. Providing a separate bed for the Labrador dog will also help you train him not to sleep with you if you want.