Often Wearing FPGA, Did You Already Knowing These Are Terms That Usually Used?

For you who are familiar with the term FPGA, you must know that the workings of this tool can help you complete all your work on the computer. Then, if you have an Altera fpga, you will no longer find it difficult with the various jobs you have to do on the computer. However, do you already know the terms in the FPGA?

Those of you who are used to using it will want to know the term in it to easily find a good FPGA. These are some of the terms that are often used in FPGA:

1. Antifuse, a fuse is a tool used as a safety in an electrical circuit, so if there is a short circuit then automatically fuse will break the flow of electricity and will not cause damage to other components.

2. Fast Carry Chains, this is a type of interconnection line that functions in making logic functions in order to run.

3. Processor Core, this is the brain of a processor and control center computer that serves to perform calculations and run the task.

4. System Gates, four inputs used to present between one to more than 20 logical gates that have two entries.

Those are some terms you should know, especially for FPGA users who often use the tool.