Music Program

theraphy musicWhen words fail, sounds can typically communicate.” So wrote Hans Christian Andersen in his fairy story What The Moon Saw and it’s a simple fact that is now making a severe influence. A music remedy diploma candidate can earn an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree in music remedy. The power of music is documented: Studies have shown that music can affect coronary heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, ache perception, bodily health and well-being.

Music therapy in psychiatric settings can be utilized in conflict mediation and problem-solving, in addition to its use as a personal empowerment exercise. At Colorado State University we’re devoted to providing quality music remedy companies and conducting clinical music remedy analysis.

As an introduction to music remedy, candidates may wish to study more about Bradley College’s online Master of Arts in Counseling degree program. Music remedy is recognized not only in the United States, but in additional than 30 international locations around the world.

Our MA Music Therapy degree will present you ways you can use your music to help the health and properly-being of patients and purchasers. Music therapists could also be employed full- or part-time by a specific company or group, or be self- employed and serve on a contractual basis.