Learning computers for newbies

It’s important for you not to fear wrong. Buy a cheap computer is one of the tricks for my friend is not afraid of using the wrong computer

If my friend is afraid of being wrong, or afraid that something bad will happen to the computer, this will prevent you from learning. Well so do not fear wrong. Nothing bad happens when my friend clicks on your computer.

Repeat and Never be Bored

The next tips are the most boring. That is repeating the lesson that my friend learned. Never get bored in learning even though my friend hasĀ best udemy courses mastered part of it.

And you need to remember, every time you learn something must new, then it must be practiced immediately. For example, it’s when you learn how to copy some files. So at that very moment, you do copies of files anywhere for my friend do not forget to mention how to copy files. It’s important for you to never give up or feel bored, so you may need some ways to boost up the mood before, during, or even after the training in order to keep yourself motivated for learning on how to operate a computer.