The important rules in learning the Arabic

Frequently read Arabic books or articles can be helpful. After the first and second stages you have done and paid off, read Arabic books or articles frequently, its purpose as a means to add vocabulary and learn to understand the Arabic or Arabic language arrangement. Then if there is a language that can be used for day-to-day then wear and practice to friends or in front of the mirror (if you are embarrassed to practice with friends). Meanwhile, you can also learn arabic online for the more professional way to study this language.

Aside from that, you need to learn to write Arabic articles too. Well, this is the level for those of you who can already speak Arabic a day smoothly, then how? The way is very easy, but it takes perseverance and a strong kemaun, for the first stage perbanyaklah reading Arabic articles, of course the goal for uslub (arrangement of language) arabs together with us, because in Arabic there are special terms that use for something special anyway, and you can know those terms only with Arabic articles and Arabic dictionaries, if we really understand Arabic uslub you can easily write Arabic language articles, maybe just the addition of the vocabulary we need.