Explosive “Vert Shock” Jump

Folker system vert shock uses the nervous system as the main focus of training to get higher jump result. Human bodies consist of several nervous systems. One of the systems responsible for body movement including jumping. Research suggests that explosive movement such as jumping caused by interaction between twitch muscle especially type II B fibers. Maximizing the capability of these fibers will affect the jumping ability, optimum use of the fiber can make the jump higher than usual jump.

Folker system vert shock using this research to formulate the new way to achieve higher jump. Resulting in three different phases requires eight weeks to complete. After complete the program, you can expect an increase of jumping height up to 15 inches. Then to maintain the results you need to do three kind workouts at least once per week. Remember nothing can be accomplished without hard work and practice, so if you did not doing the exercise to maintain the jump ability, it can decrease your jump height and all of your hard work before last for nothing. The exercise offers do not require specific place and training equipment to perform, it can be done using simple training tools everywhere you want. This program also safe for all age range because it only uses effective work outs targeting the nervous system. Joining the program also improve your overall athletic performance despite increasing your jump height. This complete package program normally cost for $134 but now you can get the discount price (50 % off) to become only $67. We also offer a guaranteed refund if you think that the program did not suit your body. This is a zero risk program with 100% maximum result in your jumping height. Grab the chance while it last, after all, there is no loss of trying it, right?