Do You Have Hyperhidrosis? Watch this!

Excessive sweating often causes unpleasant body odor can also be a good means to grow and develop mushrooms, of course, the shame will increase if your body in addition to sweating is also overgrown with fungus. Excessive sweating often causes problems, in addition to causing body odor also causes feelings of discomfort and lack of confidence. Sweat is produced by sweat glands or sebaceous glands. Its location is in the network under the skin. Sweat glands produce sweat fluid from the autonomic nervous system, which works outside of human consciousness (eg heart rate, bowel motion, breath movement, and urination or large desire).

Some foods can increase the production of sweat in your body, maybe you realize more sweats than usual after consuming spicy or hot foods such as curry and chili. Eating spicy foods makes the body hotter, so the skin anticipates it by producing more sweat than usual. In addition to spicy foods, foods containing lots of salt can also make more sweat produced. To get hiperidrose tratamento, you can visit our website.