Blurred Eyes Can Be Eye Problems, Can Also Sign Diabetes

If blurred vision, many people would only think that the main problem is only in the eyes. Many people do not think that sometimes the problem on other body parts is actually a sign of a more serious illness. Like when you feel your eyes blur. Blurred eyes may be you have eye problems and need glasses, but this is also a sign of danger you have diabetes. Many people do not know that blurred eyes can be triggered diabetes. A study in August of 2014 found that 73% of diabetic patients had blurred vision. Not just blurred eyes, even if you experience more severe eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and more. Need to increase the best treatment or prevention of your body, one way is to consume

Even if you have not experienced vision problems, your doctor can see abnormalities in the retina and predict that you will experience blurred vision due to high blood sugar levels. So, in addition to eye tests, it’s good if you also check blood sugar levels are also yes ladies. Especially if you know you have a family history of diabetes.